Saturday, November 27, 2010


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We often hear news from all over the world of priests who got involved in different controversies and scandals, and sad to say that some of them were proven guilty. But whether they were truly guilty or not, they really had brought negative effects and some serious damages on the Catholic church.

Whenever there's some bad news about priests, the people's usual reaction is to criticize them, judge them and mock them.  Some Catholics even hate priests.  I understand these people, and I can't blame them for hating priests who are unfaithful to their vows.  How would you indeed trust priests who don't practice what they preach?  How would you respect priests whose conducts are more like wolves in sheep's clothing?  Hating them is unavoidable.  BUT, the question is, what good can we get from hating guilty priests? Why don't we pray for them.  If some of us find it hard to forgive them - which is not an easy thing to do - then why don't we at least pray for them.  Hatred will never heal anybody but prayers always heal.

We always pray for our loved ones and friends, but who pray for the priests? They need prayers.  Even if they pray every single day, they still need our prayers.  Let's pray for our priests, not next year, not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, but now.  Why now?  Because the devils - the enemies of the Catholic church don't have holidays, they don't rest.  So let's pray for our priests.

- Mary June D.



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Anonymous said...

let us remember that priest are humans,too..vulnerable and weak.there vocation is very difficult to handle...let us pray for them so that in a way they could help us in choosing the right path for God.let us welcome our new archbishop of cebu,wishing him good radiance,peace and love...lets pray for him