Saturday, November 10, 2012


One may think that I'm as meek as a lamb or as innocent as a dove just because I have this religious blog dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Two years ago, I attended a seminar on how to make a blog. After the seminar, I was excited and planned to create a music blog which will talk about my favorite songs, favorite music videos and favorite artists.

For many months, I read and reread the guidelines that were given to us during the seminar.  But every time I pray and told the Lord that I'm planning to create a music blog, there's always a voice inside me telling me to create a religious blog instead of a music blog.  I always refused, "No, I'm not worthy to create a religious blog, it's not for me, and what would I write, I'm not fluent in English."  But then, something inside me argued, "If you're not fluent in English, then why would you create a music blog?"  Yes, God speaks deep within our consciences, but I'm always ashamed to admit that God speaks to me in my conscience because I'm NOT a saint; I'm just a normal human being.

But for some reason, I was able to create this religious blog, which is now on its second anniversary.

I'm not comfortable that people who follows or read the entries of this blog might think that I'm pious and virtuous.  The truth is, I'm not perfect, I also have character defects and weaknesses.  But I always turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary for help, for guidance and for enlightenment.  I always ask her to "Please increase in me and I must decrease."  That is my battle cry every time I pray the Rosary, and will be till the end.

Please pray for this blog.

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