Thursday, February 28, 2013


cc photo by andre.ballensiefen on flickr

When I heard the news about the Pope's announcement of his resignation, I was shocked, and my first question was WHY?  When I told my sister who was so blessed to see the Pope in person last year, she told me that the Pope is already frail and is very old (he will be 86 years old this coming April 16).  I totally understand him, being a Pope is not that easy. My heart goes out to him.

I remember on the first day of his papacy, he asked Catholics around the world to pray for him.  Yes, I prayed for him but seldom.  Now I feel guilty because I just realized that if there is someone who needs more prayer, it is the Pope for it is not easy to be the leader of the Catholic Church.

There are so many things that I would like to thank the Pope.  I thank him for giving us Filipinos our second saint - St. Pedro Calungsod.  I thank him for showing us on how to live a simple life in accordance to God's holy will, even in the midst of so much materialism.  And most of all, I thank him for steadfastly guarding the doctrines and the holy teachings of the Catholic Church against the onslaught of the false and misleading philosophies of this modern world.  I cannot thank him enough.

My dear Pope, I'm sad to bid you farewell, but once again thank you so much. Thank you Pope Benedict XVI.

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