Monday, December 2, 2013


Pope Francis' Angelus message last Sunday, December 1, 2013 was a message of strong hope. He told the pilgrims at St. Peter's Square, that the day will come when nations will live in peace. He also told the pilgrims, "Let's put a bet on hope, on hope for peace, and peace will be possible."

He also reminded the people that advent is a season that renews the horizon of hope. He cited the Blessed Virgin Mary as the model of spiritual attitude of hope. He explained, "Although she was just a simple girl, she carried in her heart the hope of God."

I love this message of hope from the Pope. His message of hope is so timely. This is the kind of message that we need nowadays. Today, different countries around the world are beset by wars, political chaos, calamities and disasters. We are always tempted to lose hope. But let us not forget that even the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of God, was not spared nor exempted from trials and sufferings during her life on earth. In spite of all the trials that she encountered, she remained hopeful and her faith in God was unbreakable even after the death of her son on the cross. 

The pope encouraged the faithful to turn to Mary for guidance, he said, "Let us be guided by her, she who is a mother, she is a mama, and knows how to lead us. Let us be guided by her in this time of waiting and active vigilance."


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