Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am one of those who are guilty of this crime. I call backbiting a crime because it is like a dagger that penetrates deep into the inner core of a person's personality without that person's knowledge. It damages or destroys that person's image, name and reputation.

What is more disgusting is that sometimes, the backbiters are the person's friends, colleagues and relatives. It is more painful when the one who talks against you behind your back are those people who are close to you or those whom you trust, than those who do not like you or hate you. The victims of this crime are usually stabbed at their backs without their knowledge. The perpetrators are sometimes cannot be suspected because they are usually kind and friendly when they are in front of you. 

Backbiting is like eating sweets, the moment you start talking against a person, you could hardly stop. It is like a sugarcoated deadly poison.

Jesus, during his time was also a victim of backbiting. I am also one of the victims of this crime too. Well, unlike Jesus, I deserve it because I also stab people at their backs. I realized that I do not have the right to get mad when somebody talks against me behind my back.

This is one of the evils that I am presently working on removing from my system. It is so unchristian especially to someone who professes to be a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary. What a shame! Shame on me!

How to remove this virus from my life? One of my techniques is to always remember the saying "Do not do unto others what you do not want others will do unto you." What would I feel if people talks against me, ridicule me, or slanders me without my knowledge? I would also take into consideration the fact that God hears and knows every word that I say. 

See? I am not perfect; I am also a disgusting sinner, that's why I need to pray every day. Prayer especially the Rosary prayer is one of the best weapons against this evil called backbiting.

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